[ cosplay ] KAITO yukata
[ cosplayer ] 5oshadesofginger
photographer ] Pashiri
[ site not up yet — will be linked the instant it’s done! ]

/ Rin begins singing in the background

I have no idea how he managed to shoot a proper photo of this expression. The moment somebody yells ’ LOOK SAD! ’ at me, that’s apparently my cue to start laughing. orz ;

[ cosplay ] KAITO yukata
[ cosplayer ] 5oshadesofginger
photographer ] Pashiri
[ site not up yet — will be linked the instant it’s done! ]

I was gonna title this ’ Journey’s End ’ but then my DW feels started acting up. It does look like that, though, doesn’t it? The alleviating conclusion to a very long trek — and the best thing about this picture is my photographer’s skills, because this was a very shoddy 5 square feet patch of grass, a single tree, and a really tiny and lame waterfall in real life. B’D THE IMPORTANT OF ANGLES !! 

[ cosplay ] KAITO yukata
[ cosplayer ] 5oshadesofginger
photographer ] JFermie

I’m making a bit of a difficult face here haha whoops. orz ; Judging by the crinkling, I was about to start laughing …

I still quite like the composition and color, though. :B Only problem is that THESE CONTACTS MAKE ME LOOK LIKE I DON’T HAVE PUPILS —

[ cosplay ] KAITO yukata
[ cosplayer ] 5oshadesofginger
photographer ] talesfandom

IPHONE PHOTOOOOOS. I just really kind of wanted to toss something out before going to bed and not all photos from the actual set have been uploaded yet, so this’ll do great for now. |D ;

Kept complaining about how I hated the costume bc I wasn’t content with the circles. Everyone told me they looked great, though, and looking at pictures now I have to say they aren’t as bad as I’d imagined they’d be. miiiNOR issue when it comes to improving this costume, tho —
.. there’s a tear in the fabric near one of the armpits. orz ; and no, not at the seamline, IN THE FABRIC ITSELF. I really hope I can fix that, because this cosplay’s hardly seen any pictures and to already have it die on me NOW after all that painting … ;;

Done painting this thing at last. There’s nothing I’m really happy about but oh well got something to wear now.


Yes.  Kaji never made out with the surrogate children the found to replace the ones he and Misato never had.  Misato on the other hand… (But no, I love her a TON, she is such a great female authority figure and for 90% of the series they handled her role so well.  ; u;  )  

But, haha, I do’t even know what happens before or after what anymore.  There’s a lot of making out.  She dies. Gendou’s wife bites his head off.  Rei becomes giant.  Asuka takes a nap on a beach.  Maybe it all happened all at once WHO KNOWS.  

Yeah I’m not liking the main dude so far.  The little police woman at least has personality.  But yeah, the first episode does a really neat job of explaining how that world works and what some of the moral issues with it are going to be.  (Like how the victimized woman ended up fluctuating back and forth between ‘stun her' and 'kill her’ danger levels, that was really sketchy.  
But I am excited I love the dickwads.  They are so much fun to watch.  

YES SAME HERE. I think Misato’s always been my favourite in NGE? .. I mean the minidress was a bit unnecessary for a woman in a military position but hey I guess you need to fanservice a little too and she can have it. I just always liked how she bordered somewhere between cool older sis and mother ( and how she was a plain bamf even without riding robots ). 
And let us not discuss what Shinji does in order to confirm he is perhaps not FULLY gay. ( still gay tho. / side-eyed Kaworu )

Akane was a surprisingly good lead imo. :B ; The other criminals are gonna be given personality too and they’re overall neater than boring main dude haha. But yeah there’s that issue BUT THERE ARE A LOT MORE COMING UP and that’s basically the system Evil Jesus baddie is gonna try break. 
I know you do. that’s why I figured that, from Chihayafuru, you’ll probably like Sudo, bc he’s the biggest asshole. B’D ( there’s a lot of minors to love tho and I’m sure that’s exactly what will happen I PERSONALLY LOVE THE WHOLE CAST AHHHH — )


Oh my god the random patch of watermelons is my favorite thing.  It’s just like, “Shinji, look at these fucking watermelons.  Look at them.  Keep looking at them.  When I die I need you to take care of them.  These watermelons are my children.  My actual children.  I feel like you’re not listening to me but this is important.”  And then Shinji just… DOESN’T GO BACK FOR THE WATERMELONS.  Possibly doesn’t even tell Misato where they are???  Dude was that serious about his fruit and Shinji just up and dropped the ball.  

Alright, coolio.  I just watched episode 1 of psycho pass last night and I’m going to try to squeeze in a few more tonight.  I like the concept so far.  Although i was worried for a second that it was going to turn into a reverse harem type anime when they opened up the truck full of ~*~special borderline criminals or w/e.  But then one was a girl and one was old, so I was ok.  :B ;;  
I am never going to be able to spell that second one… Chikahayafaryue… BUT I WILL WATCH IT and probably love it because I love characters who are jerks.  

He nurtures them like the kids he and Misato never had. 
( in the mean time Misato aggressively makes out with Shinji and then bleeds on the carpet NO WAIT that’s a little later on before everyone goes goo. is it before or after Gendou’s wife bites his head off, tho? … )

HAHA no it’s not thaaankfully. the main dude is supposed to be that cool type and he’s p bland but like I said / like you I was very fond of the setting and there are plenty interesting minor characters in there !!
THE NAME WILL MAKES SENSE ONCE YOU START WATCHING THE SERIES NO WORRIES. and Taichi’s just a teeny dickwad in the flashbacks and it’s hilarious. he’s less bad in present time but he’s still got plenty of bad qualities and idk he’sjustmyfavourite. 

Nothing is turning out the way I want it to today and that’s including this yukata ugh. 


It’s ok I’ve been crazy busy too.   

BUT WHAT???  I feel like that’s one of those things that should be required watching.  (ok, maybe not the weird trippy episodes at the end, but the rest.  everyone should watch the rest).  Maybe it is generational idk… It’s a weird thought though because it literally has SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.  

  • sensitive male protagonist.
  • awesome lady in a position of power
  • Rei’s character arc
  • Asuka in the movie when she wrecks ALL the shit.
  • Old adviser to the worst dad in the world.  
    ( because cripes you know me so well I do love old men who are minor characters. )

What else could you ask for I don’t understand?? 

BUT YES OK i’m going to start psycho pass today.  How many seasons/episodes is it btw?  

yeah same here ?? I mean it’s like Bleach / One Piece / Naruto in that sense ( OR ACTUALLY OURAN TOO if you have not seen Ouran you don’t count ) in that .. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE SEEN NGE ?? especially since he said he liked psychological stuff and thrillers and horrors so …
( he was surprised I did too. apparently I look like the type of person to be all the way into shoujo. OTL )

and not so very subtle homoerotic undertones. and shitty dads. and a penguin. and a sexy scientist lady who’s nuts, the latter of which doesn’t really stand out because everyone is nuts BUT — oh yeah and two adults only having sex for a week. and watermelons. a very oddly placed patch of watermelons. WHY WOULD YOU NOT WATCH NGE.

I think it was 24? … I’m not sure tho. 1 season right now, but the second’s coming up. Chihayafuru is 24 as well but it has 2 seasons, though you can skip a loooot of the eps in s2 bc they’re recaps. orz ; season 1 has one recap ep. don’t skip that one. it has some omake stuff in between the flashbacks and THOSE ARE SO HILARIOUS. ( the whole beginning of the series is one big flashback to kiddie times for a few eps tho but that bit’s still p good especially since it’s mostly about how Taichi’s a shitty little asshole. it’s great. )


SO CLOSE, AND YET SO FAR /shakes head sadly <3333

exactly, exactly, though! There’s that need to just be alone for a bit afterwards, even if you like all the people you’re hanging out with, and small-scale interactions, like you said! I definitely think Ten leans more in this category, despite how at ease he mostly seems to be with people, and tHE EXAMPLE YOU GAVE JUST THERE, IT’S PERFECT. he definitely does have those E traits, but overall I definitely think part of the reason he and Donna complement each other so well is because of that balance, and of course because she understands that balance, too, which is why she doesn’t always push. :D aaaahhhh GOOD THINGS, THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY

ugh I’m so sorry that this was so late, I was out late every night this weekend and busy trying to write a paper every other hour D: but SKYPE DATE DEFINITELY HAS TO HAPPEN SOON. What’s this coming weekend look like for you? <3 I miss you so muuuuuch Winter, talking about anything and everything needs to happen again ::hugs tight::

( don’t worry I still love you <33 )

yeah he very much loves people but if he’s been with a ton of them for a long time I feel it’s kinda PHFEW TIME TO BE ON MY OWN A BIT AND RECHARGE. and I imagine that happens the first time. the second time he tries again and she goes ’ you know you can just tell me you need time to yourself don’t you? ’ . he stammers and he uhmms and then the third time he bashfully tells her that maybe after all he might want to stay behind on his own and she accept airily and then he slowly grows so comfortable asking that just a little while later it’s
' I'll, uhh, come pick you up at ten, okay? '
' And no hour later again, Spaceman! '
' Oh, your husband's not staying? '
' We're — we're — we're not married — ‘

IT’S OKAY I hope you had fun and your paper got along well !! <33 I’mmm .. not here myself this weekend tho. orz ; COSPLAY SHOOT AGAIN. why is this so difficult I JUST WANT TO SKYPE WITH DI UNIVERSE *LET ME*.